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A Wood Carver's Guide to Tool Sharpening


Loren W. Moseley

On the Cutting Edge is a 146-page manual with 116 black & white illustrations. It is bound with a plastic comb to allow it to lie flat on the bench while in use. The 9-page Table of Contents is highly detailed with a List of Illustrations. A detailed Index is also provided.

This sharpening manual is based on over thirty years of practical experience in wood working and carving. For thirteen years, the author served as the principal sharpener at Ed Zinger's week-long Woodcarving Rendezvous seminar at Branson, Missouri. During the week-long seminars, he sharpened tools for students and instructors with totals for the week often exceeding 700 tools. Encouraged by his patrons, he wrote and published the manual in the spring of 1991. More than 1,000 have been sold at both wholesale and retail.

In addition to sharpening at the Woodcarving Rendezvous, the author has provided mail-order sharpening services for local carvers and by mail-order over 20 years. Many carvers ship their tools to Loren once or twice a year for rejuvenation after months of buffing or stropping.

Copies of "ON THE CUTTING EDGE" and the custom sharpening services by mail-order are still available.

The retail price of the manual is now $5.00 US plus appropriate shipping and handling.  Only a few copies are left.  Now would be a good time to order some.

Prices for sharpening vary with tool type, size, and condition. Please call or E-mail for information on the book or sharpening at (816)358-7421 or:

Loren W. Moseley
11700 E. 62nd Street
Kansas City, MO 64133-4445

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