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We have been collecting family history information along with a cousin in Ohio and her husband. When we bought some coffee cups with a Moseley coat of arms logo, I decided to carve a plaque. Framed in walnut, it is carved in bass wood. The family motto on the banner at the bottom is "MOS LEGEM REGIT" or "CUSTOM REGULATES THE LAW". Since then, we have learned that the helmet crest should be a silver eagle and the battle axes should be mill picks. We don't know if my ancestors were barristers or masons. The name "Moseley" is thought to have come from the Anglo-Saxon term, "mossy lea", which meant green field. This piece still hangs on the wall in our home.

A few miscellaneous items.

This little peon enjoying his siesta is made from eastern white pine.

Can't forget the cannon and the castle. The cannon was made from a plastic model using a 6" Atlas metal turning lathe. The mahogany castle was a retirement gift for a biologist friend retiring from the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers. The Army Engineers logo includes the castle .

I still have only a few of the carvings shown here and they are not for sale.

If you would like to see pictures of some of my carvings, go to:

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Fish Carved by Loren

Other Animals Carved by Loren

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